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Book Publisher Terms and Conditions

Welcome to MAGBOOK®! We are thrilled to partner with talented authors to bring captivating stories to the world. Before we proceed with the publishing process, we kindly request that you carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions. By submitting your manuscript to us, you agree to comply with these terms, ensuring a smooth and successful publishing journey.

1. Submission of Manuscript:
   - 1.1. Authors must submit their complete and polished manuscripts via our designated submission platform.
   - 1.2. Manuscripts should be original works and not violate any copyright or intellectual property laws.

2. Publishing Rights:
   - 2.1. Authors grant us exclusive worldwide publishing rights to the submitted work in all formats (print, electronic, audio, etc.) for the duration of the contract.
   - 2.2. The contract duration will be negotiated on a per-project basis, with the option to renew if both parties agree.

3. Editing and Revisions:
   - 3.1. Our editorial team will work with authors to edit and refine the manuscript for publication.
   - 3.2. Authors are expected to cooperate and consider suggested revisions; however, the final decision on changes lies with the author.

4. Royalties and Payments:
   - 4.1. Authors will receive royalties on the sales of their books as per the agreed-upon royalty percentage.

5. Copyright and Intellectual Property:
   - 5.1. Authors retain the copyright to their work.
   - 5.2. We reserve the right to use excerpts from the book for promotional purposes.

6. Marketing and Promotion:
   - 6.1. We will undertake marketing efforts to promote the book through various channels.
   - 6.2. Authors are encouraged to actively participate in promotional activities and events.

7. Book Distribution:
   - 7.1. We will be responsible for distributing the book through our established distribution channels.
   - 7.2. The availability of the book in specific regions may be subject to distribution agreements.

8. Author Copies and Discounts:
   - 8.1. Authors can purchase copies of their book at a discounted rate for personal use or promotional purposes.
   - 8.2. Bulk purchases by authors will be subject to further discounts.

9. Termination of Contract:
   - 9.1. Either party may terminate the publishing contract with a written notice.
   - 9.2. Termination will not affect the rights and obligations accrued before the termination date.

10. Legal Obligations:
   - 10.1. Authors must ensure that the manuscript does not contain defamatory, illegal, or offensive content.
   - 10.2. Authors are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions for any copyrighted material used in the book.

11. Indemnification:
   - 11.1. Authors agree to indemnify and hold harmless TDMN LLP from any claims or expenses arising from the publication of their book.

12. Governing Law:
   - 12.1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of New Delhi, India.
   - 12.2. Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New Delhi India.

By submitting your manuscript, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. We look forward to working together to create a successful and engaging book that resonates with readers worldwide.

Thank you for choosing TDMN LLP as your partner in the publishing journey.