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KEY FEATURES (forming part of the Terms & Conditions)

Low cost: Book Publications starting at INR 10 000 00 with a set of 12 FREE copies sent to the Author for their use.

Editing work: End to End Manuscript editing, proof reading, formatting, and cover designing.

Printing:Printing in hardbound and paperback (cost varies for select Quality).

Copyright: The copyright of the book will be with the author.

ISBN: TDMN will obtain ISBN tag and barcode, as part of this service.

Marketing: Marketing and online sales through our MagBook Portal.

Promotion: : Web promotion through regular digital marketing.

Additional Copies: Demand for additional Copies of the published Books by the author, can be availed with a 50% discount on the MRP of the book.

Royalty: Royalty from book sales on MagBook is either 40% (on MRP) or 25% (on Selling price).

Book Purchase: Easy book purchase by many readers on MacBook, which has an Online payment facility.

Libraries: TDMN will participate in the Sale of the book in Central and State Government Libraries or School-College Libraries.

Awards: TDMN will help Send Nominations of the book for awards, Librarypurchases, etc. by the Department of Official Language(Rajbhasha Vibhag) of the Center and States, Union Ministry of Home Affairs, and other institutions.

Contests: : The author can participate in the Contests and Prizes organized by MagBook from time to time, on the selection of award-winning titles.

New writers: TDMN will create Opportunities for the training of new writers thru sharing of various tips & observations.

Compilation / Collection of book Publication: : For Anthology (Compilation) publication on the story, poetry, or other feature free of cost for select publications in MAGBOOK.

Book Publishing Terms and Conditions

Magbook is an E commerce portal, on which articles, books, and magazines are made available for sale. It is also a publishing Entity for Popular authors, under which dozens of books in Hindi and English languages have been published.

The terms and conditions related to book publication are as follows:

1. All books are published with ISBN (International Standard Book Number) issued by the Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency, an organization under the Department of Higher Education, Department of Education, Government of India, for which the author has to bear the initial registration cost and as well as on digital marketing to get online sales

2. The cost of publication depends on three things

(a)Formatting : Typing, correction, page making, designing, editing, and proofreading.
(b)Printing: The page number of the book is determined in multiples of 4 for the normal size of the printing book 8.5 by 5.5 square inches Any book should be at least 112 pages The maximum number of pages depends on the book content, which should not exceed 400 Pages Printing is in hardbound and paperback format Generally, A hardbound book is costlier than a paperback.
(c)Parcel/Courier:Books are sent to the author by registered post, speed post or parcel with safe packing Service of Indian post or courier is taken to deliver the books safely.

3.Professional Charges: TDMN LLP will charge a professional services fee of 10 of the total Publication project cost for aligning all the listed services.

4.Author's copy: 12 copies of the published book will be given to the Author for self consumption as part of the services delivered under this Book publication arrangement, engaged by the Author with TDML LLP.

5.Legal:Any kind of dispute etc is settled in the courts of Delhi

6.Disclaimer:MagBook does not publish rumour mongering, anti national, anti social, superstitious and personal allegations or books that glorify anyone.

7.All payments are payable to TDMN LLP Bank account as given Below:

Bank Name : HDFC BANK
Co. Name : TDMN LLP
Account Number : 50200060777974
IFSC Code : HDFC 0000708
Branch: Barakhamba Road, New Delhi