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About Us

Magbook is an online digital Content that offers a vast collection of magazines and Books across multiple categories and languages. It is a one-stop platform for readers to access their favorite publications on the web, mobile, and tablet devices. Magbook provides readers with high-quality content from some of the leading articles, magazines, books in India.

Magbook Founded in April 2017, and headquartered in New Delhi, Magbook’s vision is to provide exciting, and meaningful knowledge articles that are collected, archived and distributed using cutting edge technology backbone, including the latest of digital and e-commerce medium, so that the user can relish the power of digital delivery of knowledge/information instantly.

Our mission is to propagate the availability of complete and readable forms of articles, books and magazines from a large number publishers and authors, with the keen sense and enthusiasm for sharing their inquisitive knowledge among the people.

The platform offers a diverse range of content that includes news, Bollywood, entertainment, health, art and architecture, Education, Science &Tech, Business, Politics, Celebrity, and many more categories. Magbook is available in multiple languages, including English, and Hindi. Magazines and Books can be purchased individually or through a monthly subscription. Magbook also offers an offline reading feature.

Magbook is committed to providing its users with an engaging and user-friendly reading experience. With its vast collection of publications and user-friendly interface, Magbook is the perfect platform for readers looking to access high-quality content. Magbook hopes to position itself as the leading digital distributor of quality articles, books and magazines with our principle of “Quality content at minimum cost”, to ensure high reachability across the globe.

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