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Mirchi Musings: Brought to Life from our Daily Life
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When I started blogging, I had only a dream of becoming a journalist, which was on the back burner for almost 50 years. I had no certification in journalism but did have a flair for writing. Let me also share the genesis of ‘Mirchi Musings’. During my school days, I was called ‘Mirchi,’ not to belittle me but my friends meant well as some came from regions where Mirchi is a food delight. Which is why this thought of Mirchi Musings to make you feel good. These blogs therefore are nothing but my thoughts and feelings with a tagline, “Brought to Life from our Daily Life.” And having sent over 1800 blogs with the mission of learning, sharing and winning together, I extend my deep sense of gratitude to each one of the recipients for supporting me all the way. And this distillate of my 100 ‘favourite‘ blogs has fructified, not without an emotional challenge. Like calling one child a favourite over the other. Be that as it may, … …They have been tagged with coloured Bell Peppers, perhaps more because their colours than their ...