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Of Love And Other Demons
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A mesmerising novel with a blend of the natural with the supernatural, Of Love And Other Demons was written by popular bestseller, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This fictional book portrays an extraordinary love story between the 12 year old Servia Maria and an elderly priest, Cayetano Delaura, who is appointed to cure her of her demonic possessions. The story is set in the exotic land of the Caribbean, and attempts to explore the community and superstitions prevailing in the land. The story is about the young Servia Maria, daughter of the wealthy Marquis de Casalduero, who after being bit by a rabid dog and displaying some diabolical symptoms, is sent to Santa Clara convent to be locked in a cell. Cayetano Delaura is a priest appointed by the Bishop to perform the exorcism of Servia Maria, and free her from being possessed. Eventually, they fall in love and cannot hide their love for each other irrespective of all the odds against them. This book explores the bizarre love story of these two unlikely lovers. Gabriel Garcia Marquez has written the fiction Of Love And Other Demons meaning it to be a great metaphor of love as a madness. ...