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The General In His Labyrinth
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The General In His Labyrinth is the fictionalised account that depicts the last few months of General Simón Bolívar’s lifetime, who successfully helped Latin America get independence. This book follows the leader on his final journey, down the coastline of Colombia in order to reach Europe. This political novel covers the story of the liberator not at the time of his triumphs, but during his days of decline. The General In His Labyrinth shows how the protagonist, at the age of 46, is preparing to leave his country after not being chosen as the President of the new Colombian Government. The people no longer support him, and an unspecified illness is slowly killing him. As the General sets sail with his entourage, he realises how unpopular he has become in Latin America. The General In His Labyrinth illustrates how the man is reluctant to leave the places of his former glories. He wanders down the Magdalena River, while becoming lost in the labyrinth of his own memories. The new edition of The General In His Labyrinth was published by Penguin India in 2000. It is available in paperback format. Key Features: The first American edition of The General ...