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Khushwant Singhs Book of Unforgettable Women
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"Though I am nothing to look at, it is women who have sought my company more than I have sought theirs." ''Khushwant Singh'' In Khushwant Singh''s Book of Unforgettable Women, India''s most widely-read and irreverent author and columnist profiles some of many women in his life. From Ghayoorunnisa Hafeez, the girl who forever changed his attitude towards Muslims, to his wife, Kaval Malik, who is allergic to media publicity; from his old grandmother to the controversial artist Amrita Shergil; from Mother Teresa to Phoolan Devi, Khushwant Singh paints colourful and true-to-life portraits of the women he has known, loved, despised, admired, and lived with. The book also includes some of the women Khushwant Singh has conjured up in the numerous stories and novels he has written over sixty years. The lively Martha Stack (-Black Jasmine''), Lady Mohan Lal (-Karma''), Jean Memsahib (-The Memsahib of Mandla''), the hijra-whore Bhagmati (Delhi), the insatiable Champak (I Shall Not Hear The Nightingale), dark-eyed Nooran (Train to Pakistan) and the free-spirited Molly Gomes (The Company of Women) are only a few of Khushwant Singh''s larger-than-life characters who are sure to entertain and amuse the reader. "magbook best books online website"