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Preparation for Group Discussion
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This book explains the reasons for conducting Group Discussion and how it discovers leadership and personality traits of a person. Through various chapters, it takes the reader straight into the what, how, why, do''s & don''ts and body posture besides the knowledge of the topic given by the Group Testing officer required to succeed at the Group Discussion. Take hold of the following nuances: 1. Understanding the topic - When the topic is given, understand the topic carefully. If it is not clear initially or you have some doubt regarding the topic, ask immediately. 2. Knowledge about the topic - When you are talking on the topic, choose your points in a manner that they convey the depth of knowledge that you possess. Citing relevant examples will also help to a great extent. Superficial talk is a strict no-no. 3. Precise and sharp thoughts - As you are gathering thoughts, try to stick to precise and concise thoughts. In a Group Discussion, it is always quality over quantity. Let your views be relevant and to the point. 4. Communicating your views - To develop communication skills, you can choose a topic, stand before the mirror and start talking about it. ...