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The Journey of Pregnancy -Conception – Pregnancy – Delivery – Aftercare
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It''s rightly said that The Journey of Pregnancy is one of the greatest blessings from God. To give birth to a Healthy Baby right from the day a woman conceives through almost a year, i.e., nine months is indeed a tough job! However, this job can be simplified by eating the right food, consuming the right drinks and adopting the right and healthy habits. This book is a complete guide for a Pregnant Woman which deals with all the important facts Prior to Conception and after it, All the developments and changes that occur in the body during the First, Second and Third Trimesters of Pregnancy, The Three Stages of Labour, etc. Planning for a baby is a matter of pleasure and joy but on the other hand, a big duty or responsibility. Therefore, Correct Knowledge about Pregnancy and how to deal with it provides an expectant woman, not only a painless delivery but also a healthy and jubilant baby. This is the sole aim of the book and hope it serves as a helpful guide for all women, especially the ones who are becoming a mother for the first time! "magbook best books online website"