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The Fall: The End of the Murdoch Empire
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This book is the culmination of unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the Murdoch dynasty and Fox News. Wolff vividly captures the downfall of Fox and the fallout of the Dominion suit as well as the battles over which of the three children become Murdoch''s successor. Michael Wolff’s books were my foundation and port of entry for working on Succession. – Jeremy Strong ("Kendall Roy") * Meet the Murdochs and the disastrously dysfunctional family of Fox News. Until recently, they formed the most powerful media and political force in America. Now their empire is cracking up and crashing down. Drawing on years of unprecedented access to the Murdoch family and key players, he plunges us behind the scenes of another empire of influence, and the result is astonishing and unforgettable. Here is Rupert Murdoch, the ninety-two-year-old billionaire – concerned about his legacy, but more concerned about profits. Here are his contentious children, jockeying to take over when the old man is gone. Here is star anchor Tucker Carlson considering a run for the presidency while his bosses have other plans for him. Sean Hannity, the richest man in television, has his own plans: to ...