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Seven Sacred Rivers
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An unorthodox pilgrimage along India''s rivers Flowing by Himalayan glaciers, dusty mofussil towns, impenetrable forests and hundreds of tiny villages, India''s sacred rivers harbour legend, foster myth and exert a powerful spiritual attraction. Drawn by their irresistible mystique, Bill Aitkin set out to discover the seven river goddesses for himself. Not wholly prepared for the range of moods he found them in??\"rivers that boiled over with a furious metallic hum or were maternal and languorous in their flow, rivers that were cold and aloof or were gentle and seductive in their jade loveliness??\"he nevertheless soon succumbed to their blandishments. Along the way he also learned to cling to the footboard of a bus, grappled with Vedantic unconcern, failed to comprehend Krishnamurti, walked through tribal villages with an oleaginous politician in gold-embroidered slippers, toyed with the idea of becoming sadhu, changed his mind when he fell in love, and questioned the myth of Indian spirituality??? Spanning thirty years of journeying, Seven Sacred Rivers is an absorbing, witty and informative travelogue which also serves as a survival guide to an undiscovered India.